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My name is Anastasia, and on behalf of my team, I’d like to welcome you to our website, founded with the purpose of offering you the highest-quality products from successful Korean cosmetics brands.
We believe in beauty, and we believe in a considerate approach towards the environment. Therefore we aim to compile our offer out of products in which both of these qualities merge. We strive to be the pioneers of Korean cosmetics both in the Czech Republic and abroad, since we believe it is their products that embody these principles the best.
To further spread awareness about the world of Korean beauty and our experience with it, we add new articles to our blog each month – don’t forget to check them out!
We are convinced that natural skin and body care is the way
We wish that you wouldn’t have to thoroughly check every label, worrying about which harmful chemicals are to be found inside. Our merchandise is marked by a high share of natural ingredients, which are not only effective, but eventually also easily disposable, not leaving any unnecessary marks on the environment. Your glowing skin and bodily beauty does not have to come at the expense of inconsiderate approach towards nature.
We cooperate with renowned brands
Though Korean cosmetic is making a bigger name for itself in the world, it is still not as widely known as it deserves. Yet it’s the countries such as Korea or Japan, which are known for their longevity and a thorough care for both beauty and health. It is the renowned cosmetic brands such as TonyMoly, Laneige, PURITO and others, which are the bearers of this tradition – and whose products you can find here.
We continually widen our offer
Stagnation is not something that would happen to us. The world of cosmetics is continually evolving – and we’re not staying behind. Keep a sharp eye on our offer – perhaps you’ll find a fresh product there that might be exactly the right thing for you!
Our catalogue is growing, but before we ship the products to you, we always take great care in testing them, before delivering them to you with clear conscience.
The basic rule of applying Korean cosmetics
Do not worry too much when using Korean cosmetics. Though the skincare consists of multiple steps, it does not mean you have to follow every one of them from the start. Really the only rule is to begin the routine by applying the light-structure products first before finishing with the thicker ones. You can choose the order according to yourself, but remember that each product amplifies the effect of the previous one.
We cater to our customers the best we can
  • Nonstop online customer support in case of inquiries or complaints is a matter of course
  • Each of our shipments contains further free samples
  • We are able to ship our goods all over the world
  • Our delivery is fast and reliable, larger purchases get delivered for free
  • We sell trustworthy, quality products straight from the manufacturer only
  • In case of damage or defects, we provide a free compensation
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